Genetics: MMXX x Elmo’s Army
Genetics: MMXX x Elmo’s Army*

*(Moose and Lobstah x Super Silver Haze)

Filial Generation: F1
Flowering Time: 49-56 days
Cannabis Type: Feminized Photoperiod
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Hybrid
Yield: Very High
Phenotypic Variation: Low
Terpene Profile
Lime and gas. Limonene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Ocimene are abundant.
Great hazy, spacey sativa high with accompanying body relaxation. Cannabinoids of note: CBG 1-3+% and THC 25%+
Plant Morphology
Top the Sour Lime Haze to take advantage of her massive bud production and strong branches. Without the sativa stretch, this is a great strain for anyone with limited space. She will become extremely top-heavy in the second half of flower as she stacks on those giant, dense, rounded colas.
Notes from the Growers
Have you ever wanted to use the branch of a marijuana plant as a baseball bat?  Here at Dirty Bird Genetics, we don’t condone that type of drug abuse.  But if Kevin Costner ever proposed a cannabis-themed remake of “Field of Dreams”, it would be the Sour Lime Haze’s time to shine.  The limey, hazy bud you would expect from the equatorial sativas that make up the Elmo’s Army is condensed in time and space by the MMXX. You’ll be smoking the Sour Lime Haze well before you’d harvest a traditional haze. 
This sticky, stinky strain provides an immediate mental pick-me-up that absolutely relaxes the mind without sedating it. You’ll get the munchies, but be excited about trying out the new 18 step pizza dough recipe you just found. Sour Lime Haze might be the most physically relaxing sativa strain that we offer. While the body high will set in slightly after the head high, don’t expect it to knock you out. You’ll be more motivated than ever because your back doesn’t hurt and you’re high as hell.