Please understand that due to the nature of the product we are not able to accept returns, under any circumstances whatsoever. We do, however, always work directly with customers whenever issues arise with the products purchased. Please contact us directly via email at with any concerns regarding the products purchased. Our staff will be in touch within 2 business days to discuss a resolution for you. If we find that the product was truly defective at no fault of the customer, we will issue a credit to that customer for a replacement of equal value to the original purchase. If we find that the product was defective due to customer conduct, we will work directly with the customer to assist in successful use of the product, or choose to offer partial credit for the value of the original purchase. Due to the nature of the product we ask that customers  do their due diligence to understand the needs of the product for successful results. We offer limited genetic consultation to assist with that process and ensure we are providing products suitable to customers needs, knowledge, and capabilities. Thank you!