Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Med Card?

To purchase clones or seeds directly from us, yes. 

We are licensed under Maine’s medical marijuana program, so you must present a valid patient or caregiver card and photo ID to buy clones or seeds from us.

Patients visiting Maine from approved states can also purchase clones, subject to the limitations imposed by the laws and rules of the State of Maine the laws and rules of their state of residence.

Anyone 21+ can buy seeds (without a medical card) from our non-medical verified vendors.


How are your clones grown?

All of our clones are grown in 4”x4” pots in ProMix Bx with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow, under 24 hour light from T5s.


How big are your clones?

They vary in size depending on age, but are usually about 12”.


How many clones can I buy?

As many as you’d like! 

There is no limit to the number of clones/seedings you can have through the medical program. Keep in mind that there are limits on the number of vegetative and flowering plants you can have at one time.


Do you sell autoflowering clones?

No, unfortunately it’s impossible to keep an autoflowering mother as it would flower and die even under 24 hours of light.


Do you ship clones?

For logistical and legal reasons, we do not ship clones.


Can I place a clone preorder?

No. In order to keep our mothers in optimal health, we only take cuttings from a plant when it has fully rebounded from its last round of cuttings. 

 We try to keep a wide variety in stock at all times to meet anyone’s needs. 


Do you deliver?



Where are you located?

Waterville, Maine.


Do you take credit cards?

No, we are cash only.


Can I pick up seeds with my clone order?

Absolutely! We do not offer seed sales online through our website for logistical reasons, but we will always have limited stock available at our location. You can shop at time of pick up!

How do you you germinate seeds?

We germinate our seeds in clean shot glasses with room temperature bottled water, and leave in a warm dark location until the tap root is about 1/2″ before planting in soil. There are many other successful ways of germinating, but this is what works best for us. 

What if the strain I want isn’t in stock?

You can sign up for a back-in-stock notification email on the product page, and receive an email when the strain is stocked.