Watermelon Slush

Breeder: Lovin’ In Her Eyes

Genetics: (Watermelon Zkittles x Spanish Moon)

Cannabis Type: Indica Hybrid

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Outdoor: Untested, but very fast flowering indoors

Yield: Medium

Plant Morphology: Traditional indica hybrid. Huge, healthy fan leaves. Purpled very early in flower. Absolute show stopper in a garden. Light lower defoliation recommended.

Height: Average

Density: Medium-High

Terpenes: Pure watermelon.

Effect: A pleasant, relaxing, even-keeled high.


We grew this plant on a whim. We had an extra seedling of it and we love Lovin In Her Eyes, so we figured, why not? It turned out to be an absolute show stopper. The coloration on this plant made it stand out at sight: it was purple from head to toe with almost a silver/platinum undertone. The smell in flower was almost indistinguishable from that of an actual slice of watermelon.


Additional information

Cannabis Type

Indica Hybrid

Flowering Time (Indoor)

8 – 9 weeks


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