The Brunch F2 *Purple Stunner cut

Genetics: (The Brunch* #5 x The Brunch* #12) F2  *Peanut Butter Breath x Mimosa 

Generation: F2

Cannabis Type: Sativa-dom

Flowering Time: 60 days

Outdoor: The F2’s are untested outdoors (testing summer 2023), but our F1’s were excellent outdoors and finished late September in a northeastern climate

Yield: Medium

Plant Morphology: The Purple Stunner cut reminded us a ton of everything we loved about the F1’s: it was purple inside and out, sticky icky, and produced gorgeously proportioned golf ball flowers with perfect internodal spacing for optimal air flow and light penetration.

Density: Medium-high

Terpenes: Leans more on the peanut-butter breath earthy/gassy side but with undertones of floral and fruit.

Effect: One of our all time favorite flowers for social, daytime use. Zero anxiety, and a very happy, comfortable, creative, and social effect. Great appetite stimulant. 

The Brunch F2’s were created to further the lineage of what’s become our flagship strain: The Brunch. While F2’s tend to have the most genetic diversity of any filial generation, The Brunch F2’s were surprisingly homogenous, with three phenotypes observed. Purpling was strongly dominant across the board (both calyx and leaf), and the Purple Stunner cut was our best purple cut of the lot. 

The original F1 of this strain was a cross between two of our all time favorites: Peanut Butter Breath (female) by Thug Pug, and Mimosa (male) by Symbiotic. When we grew out their progeny, we were blown away by their potential, and it quickly became a flagship strain that we are continuing to work in-house to this day. It is a perfect medium-sized plant with notable stability for its generation. It isn’t too bushy, it isn’t too stretchy, but it is very vigorous and consistently tests high on cannabinoid tests (with notable amounts of CBG present, to boot). Most notably, The Brunch has one of the most pleasant effects we’ve ever experienced. It is as perfect for a night in with friends (the tv show or your people) as it is for a high intensity meeting at the office. We experience no anxiety with this sativa leaning hybrid, and find it to be social, comfortable, and easy going. It is also an incredible appetite stimulant, and it will make you want to eat a million brunches! 

Outdoors, The Brunch was the star of our outdoor gardens last year and finished late September in our northeastern climate. It’s definitely an equally suitable candidate for your outdoor garden as it is for your indoor boutique grow. Her bag appeal is astounding.


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