Nuclear Forest [Seedling]

Breeder: Dirty Bird Genetics

Genetics: Milk Truck x (Durban Poison x Chocolate Pie)

Cannabis Type: Indica Hybrid

Filial Generation: F1

Flowering time: 60-65 days

Yield: High

Phenotypic Variation: Moderate

Plant Morphology: Nuclear Forest is an industrious bush of a plant. She will stay a squat bush, developing multiple massive colas whether topped or untopped. The plant is low maintenance, sturdy enough to hold up massive buds without staking. The high terpinolene gives Nuclear Forest an extremely sharp odor that will make you want to bury your face in the plant. Plants can be harvested around 9 weeks, but to get the heavy indica high waiting until 10 weeks is recommended.

Density: Average/high

Height: Average

Terpenes: Sharp pine and citrus, with sweet and floral undertones. Terpinolene is (by far) the dominant terpene, followed by pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Effect: A relaxing high that will slow your body and mind, and relieve anxiety. The effects of Nuclear Forest will come on quickly and obviously. While definitely not an energizing strain, it is not too sedative for daytime use, and is quite enjoyable as long as you don’t have really important things to do. Nuclear Forest is great for relieving pain, muscle tension, insomnia, and anxiety.

Notes from the Grower(s): Such a fun and easy plant to grow. Our Durban Pie F1 (Durban Poison x Chocolate Pie) winning pheno was a sativa-leaner with massive green and orange buds and a sharp, terpinolene-dominant profile. Milk Truck helped to tighten up the buds and bring a musky complexity, without sacrificing the olfactory excitement caused by the Durban Pie. Some phenos will remain closer in appearance to the Durban Pie, while others will steal some of the dark purples that come through from the Milk Truck.

We were unsure about the effect of Nuclear Forest, and were happy to find the common result across phenos was a powerful indica-leaning hybrid. If you’re looking for a more even high, you can harvest the plant a bit earlier, but we think it’s worth the high to wait. She’s a bit leafier than other strains in our rotation, so some defoliation helps out with airflow. Can’t wait to try Nuclear Forest in our outdoor garden this year.

Feminized Photoperiod

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Indica Hybrid

Flowering Time (Indoor)

9 – 10 weeks


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3 in stock