Green Crack Punch

Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds

Genetics: Green Crack x Purple Punch

Cannabis Type: Hybrid

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: High

Plant Morphology: Green Crack Punch is an easy to grow plant. She doesn’t stretch much, has great yields, and is a sturdy plant that is definitely suitable for a novice grower.

Density: High

Terpenes: Sweet, tropical fruit, spicy pine. Caryophyllene and myrcene are dominant, followed closely by guaiol and limonene.

Effects: Green Crack Punch is an excellent example of a well balanced hybrid. The Green Crack (sativa) and Purple Punch (indica) are both great, and wildly popular on their own. Crossed together, their distinct highs interact synergistically. The euphoric, energetic, and motivating Green Crack high comes into effect immediately. The Purple Punch brings a strong and relaxing body effect that could be narcotic on its own, but instead it complements the sativa high, keeping it relaxed and down to earth.

Additional information

Flowering Time (Indoor)

8 – 9 weeks

Cannabis Type



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2 in stock