Durban Poison *Purple Cut

Breeder: Dutch Passion

Genetics: Durban x Unknown Indica

Cannabis Type: Sativa

Flowering Time: 56-60 Days

Outdoor: End of September

Yield: Very dependent on the grow environment. We have seen low yields, and then exceptionally high yields.

Plant Morphology: bushy, leafy plant with very high powdery mildew resistance. Vibrancy of green with the contrast of the vibrancy of the purple is very notable.

Height: Average

Density: Low to medium

Terpenes: incredible – pepper, floral, piney, very sharp and acrid, distinct. smells like the weed of our ancestors was meant to smell like

Effect: you hardly feel it, but you know it is there in the back of your mind making things that much more interesting

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time (Indoor)

8 – 9 weeks


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