Breeder: Dirty Bird Genetics

Genetics: Dolato x Chocolate Pie

Cannabis Type: Hybrid

Generation: F1 (a female selected from our F1 Dolato x Chocolate Pie testers)

Outdoor: Unknown, but given her very short flowering time, we think she’d do great in the north-eastern outdoors. We will be testing her this season.

Flowering time: 50 days

Yield: Large

Plant Morphology: This plant develops a multi-topped, bushy, candalabra-style canopy with very little training. Finishes notably early. 

Density: Med-High

Terpenes: Incredible! She has a nose that will punch you in the face. Super piney, hazy, citrusy, and complex in all of the right ways. 

Effect: A true hybrid effect: relaxing, comfortable body-high without being too sedative. 

We named this strain after our late golden retriever, Banjo (aka Damn-a-lam Banjo aka Banjalino Jolie). The day that he passed, we had just got done harvesting this gem, and we took comfort in its even-keeled, relaxing high. We enjoyed it so much that we decided we would name the strain after him, and thus Damn-a-lam was born. The Damn-a-lam is a huge producer and a very early finisher. By day 50, she was very done. The nose on this strain is something special. You can smell her from a mile away: sharp, citrusy, piney, and hazy, like a landrace sativa type of smell. She stays vibrent green until the end, and her fat, frosty buds and perfect candalabra-style canopy make her an incredible selection for any garden.


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