Necromancer’s Kush

Breeder: Dirty Bird Genetics

Genetics: Bubba Whip! x Grease Monkey

Cannabis Type: Indica

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: High

Plant Morphology:Necromancer’s Kush is a great gassy bush that stacks fat frosty green buds with pale hairs and a whisper of purple. Staking, netting, or trellissing is a must to keep this beast under control. Stripping lower foliage is advised for good airflow.  Over 1% CBG.

Density: High

Terpenes: Gassy, earthy, and funky. Dominant terpene is caryophyllene, with limonene, myrcene, and humulene tied for second.

Effects: Not for the faint of heart. Necromancer’s Kush is an extremely potent cross of 2 heavy hitting indicas. Couch-lock is an understatement of what you’ll experience with this strain. If you have important sh*t to do, smoking this strain WILL ruin your day.

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Cannabis Type


Flowering Time (Indoor)

8 – 9 weeks


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