Genetics: Slurricane #7 x Grease Monkey


Genetics: Slurricane #7 x Grease Monkey

Cannabis Type: Indica Hybrid

Filial Generation: F1

Flowering time: 60-65 days

Yield: Average

Phenotypic Variation: Moderate

Density: Average/high

Height: Average/Low – Great in a height-limited space

Terpene Profile
Sweet, peppery, and hashy with some phenos exhibiting a floral, apple, fresh garden smell.  Caryophyllene and humulene are dominant terpenes. Linalool and Bisabolol are common as well.

This is a great strain for relaxing in the evening. Leaning heavily to the indica side, Oil Storm is a powerful mix of two impressive strains. Smoke a joint, eat a bag of Funyuns, and strap in for a Planet Earth marathon, because you’re about to get glued to the couch.

Cannabinoids of note: Tested samples have high secondary cannabinoids, both CBG and delta-9 THC.

Plant Morphology

Oil Storm has good internodal spacing and is not excessively leafy. Low stress training is recommended to take advantage of the flexible Slurricane #7 genetics. The Grease Monkey helps to reign in some of the Slurricane #7’s legginess, making her more sturdy throughout flower. Expect some serious sugar out of this strain. Some phenotypes will be almost completely green, while others will end up with purple fan leaves and calyxes. The contrast of the dense trichomes over the pale greens or purples of the bud make this plant stand out in any garden or grow room. 

Notes from the Growers

The Oil Storm is a cross of two legends: In House’s supremely sugary and boutique Slurricane #7 crossed with the neon-green-grease-machine, Grease Monkey by Exotic Genetix. How could you go wrong there? We found that you really can’t. These plants have striking, thick pistils, great air flow, short height, medium-sized leaves, super sugar, great bud formation, and greasy, green buds that are easy to trim. Most phenotypes lean more toward the Grease Monkey in appearance, but we did have one keeper that was very Slurricane-dominant with dark purpling, and tight, trichome-laden Slurri buds. The cannabinoid profiles were striking with CBG and delta-9 THC making impressionable appearances alongside the always-present high-THC.