Genetics: Unicorn Poop F1 x Grease Monkey F2

Cannabis Type: Indica Filial Generation: F1 Flowering time: 60 days Yield: Above average Phenotypic Variation: Moderate Density: Average/high Height: Average/high
Terpene Profile
Musky, funky, umami, and almost meaty.
Heckin’ Chonker is a powerhouse indica capable of knocking the consciousness out of even experienced smokers.
Plant Morphology
Heckin’ Chonker is a vigorous but easy to care for plant. The broad leaves and bushiness of Grease Monkey reign in the vertical rise of Unicorn Poop, while also increasing yields. Top 1-2 times to maximize yield and account for a moderate stretch in bloom. Most plants will stay green throughout, while a few will get a light burgandy/purple fade late in flower. Some phenos are slightly leafier than others, but it doesn’t detract from the size or density of buds.
Notes from the Growers
Heckin’ Chonker is a great combination of two noteworthy and renowned genetics. Unicorn Poop F1 (Thug Pug) and Grease Monkey F2 (Exotic Genetics) came together beautifully to create this exciting combination that boasts the weight, smell, look, and effect that you won’t want to miss out on.