Heart-Shaped Lunchbox [FEM TESTER]

Genetics: Chocolate Pie x The Brunch (Lover’s cut)


Cannabis Type: Hybrid

Filial Generation: F1

Flowering time: 55-60 days

Yield: Average

Phenotypic Variation: Moderate

Density: Average

Height: Tall

Terpene Profile
 A complex and BANGING, creamy, fruit smell ranging across phenos from grape, apple, cotton candy/bubblegum, to rhubarb. Caryophyllene and limonene are dominant, followed by humulene and pinene.

A instant-hitting, silly, and mellow effect that’s a perfect movie-date or couch co-op companion when your friends fail you. 

Plant Morphology

Heart-Shaped Lunchbox is a moderate stretcher. Multiple toppings encourages to maximize yield and combat height. Strong lateral and apical branching. Expect frosty, elongated-golfball nuggets with huge swollen calyxes, beautiful flecks of purple, and a sunset fade. 

Notes from the Growers

Heart-Shaped Lunchbox is the union of two of our favorite strains to grow (and smoke). The Chocolate Pie (Cannarado) and our Brunch (Lover’s Cut)  have treated us at Dirty Bird and our local grow community here is Maine to year after year of supreme outdoor (and indoor) bud. 

We’ll be trying her out in our outdoor test garden this year with little worry for her success!

This cross was one of our best and most exciting to-date because of her insane bag appeal, terps, pristine bud structure, and great yield. Unfortunately, we did have a couple of  runts in our pheno-hunt and that is the only reason she is going on the tester menu while we continue to work her genetics. She is truly a banger and we know you’ll find a keeper here! 


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