Genetics: Unicorn Poop F1 (GMO x Sophisticated Lady) x Unicorn Poop F1
Genetics: Unicorn Poop F1 (GMO x Sophisticated Lady) x Unicorn Poop F1
Filial Generation: S1
Flowering Time: 60-65 days 
Cannabis Type: Feminized Photoperiod
Indica/Sativa: Indica Hybrid 
Yield: Medium/High
Phenotypic Variation: Low/Average
Terpene Profile

Earthy, funky, stinky, fuel. Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool and Humulene are the major terpenes.

A very heady, relaxing stone, both mentally and physically. Definitely has couch-lock qualities. Not for the inexperienced smoker.
Plant Morphology
The Dirty Unicorn, a feminized ode to one of our all-time favorite strains, exhibited incredibly stable and homogenous genetics. We did 3 variations of this project and ultimately chose to release the most colorful. This project  resulted in consistently gorgeous canopies of dark purple, golf ball flowers atop leggy but sturdy plants. 
Notes from the Growers
The Dirty Unicorn pays homage to one of the breeders we respect the most in this industry: Thug Pug. For years we had been trying to get our hands on these genetics to no avail. When Beth finally scored a pack of the original F1 Unicorn Poop, it was nothing short of a victory. This S1 is a feminized cross of our #2 pheno. The progeny was super homogeneous and stable with 100% boasting beautiful purple and amber coloration. 
We hoped that this cross would allow us to beef up the yield of the Unicorn Poop, without taking away any of the unique qualities that make the strain so unforgettable. We weren’t disappointed and you won’t be either. The buds are dense  with a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, long internodal spacing, and tall, vertical growth.