Genetics: Bubba Whip! x The Brunch F1 #5


Cannabis Type: Indica Hybrid

Filial Generation: F1

Flowering time: 60-65 days

Yield: High

Phenotypic Variation: Low-moderate

Density: High

Height: Average

Terpene Profile
Fruity and earthy with a bit of gas/pepper/fuel. Limonene, caryopyllene, and ocimene are most prevalent, followed by Linalool, humulene, and myrcene.

Bubba Brunch is a slightly indica-leaning cultivar. The Bubba Whip! brings a very strong and relaxing body high, while the Brunch has an energizing head high that keeps you off of the couch. You can smoke Bubba Brunch all day without burning out, but you shouldn’t need to.

Plant Morphology

The Bubba Brunch is a vigorous plant with good lateral branching and impressively large buds. The smell during flower is not discreet. Bubba Brunch is a hungry plant, wanting to get extra nutrients both in veg and bloom. Staking is necessary once buds start stacking.

Notes from the Growers

Bubba Brunch is a great strain if you like a gassy/chemy plant with a fruity background. This strain was relatively consistent, with all plants in our run having large, well-stacked, pale green buds, tons of frost, and a powerful high.