Genetics: Slurricane #7 x The Brunch F1 #5


Cannabis Type: Indica Hybrid

Filial Generation: F1

Flowering time: 55-60 days

Yield: Average

Phenotypic Variation: Moderate-high

Density: Average

Height: Average

Terpene Profile
Peppery and fruity. Caryophyllene and Limone are very dominant in all test samples. Humulene and Ocimene consistently rounded out the top 4 terpenes in all samples as well. 

Very relaxing, but won’t put you in a coma. May result in a pleasant lack of motivation during the day, or a smooth passage into slumber during the evening.

Plant Morphology

This is a dream plant for SCROG (screen of green).  When topped several times, you will have a multitude of extremely pliable branches with minimal leaves. Phenotypic variation in this strain relates mostly to coloring, with three styles emerging. Dark purple leaves with green and purple bud, light purple leaves with mostly green bud, and slight inter veinal purple on leaves and fully green bud. 

Notes from the Growers

The Brainstorm was somewhat of a controversial grow for us; we had many debates about whether to include her on the Vol 1 drop or whether to keep working her. The trichome accumulation, coloring, and overall bag appeal left us drooling. It was truly a sight to see. The keepers were plentiful. Not a single plant in the tester run left us desiring more, other than perhaps some annoying floppy branches (staking required, fyi). Ultimately, we chose to keep working her, trying to lock in the coloring and thicken up her branches. Regardless, we know that you will enjoy these ladies. They consistently produce mega-frosty, purple, dense, mouth watering flowers with crazy bag appeal. Enjoy!