Genetics: The Brunch F1 x Bahama Mama
Genetics: The Brunch F1 x Bahama Mama
Filial Generation: F1
Flowering Time: 55 – 60 Days / Outdoor: mid-late September
Cannabis Type: Feminized Photoperiod
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Hybrid
Yield: Medium/High
Phenotypic Variation: Average
Terpene Profile
A mix of fruity, floral, and earthy. Limonene is the dominant terpene. Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Ocimene are also prevalent.
A perfectly balanced daytime smoke. Strong enough to make you feel awkward ordering a pizza, but not so strong that you can’t go and get it.
Plant Morphology

Top this plant a few times to increase yields from average to above average. Expect long internodal spacing, great airflow, a very high calyx to leaf ratio, and beautiful velvet purples and deep maroons during flower. She can hold herself up for a surprising amount of time considering her legginess, but you will need to get things staked up when the weight really starts packing on. These genetics are gorgeous to flower and will not disappoint.

This was a very stable run with consistent quality and coloration across the board. We observed 2-3 phenotypes, but as a whole, we found the genetics to be largely homogenous with bud shape being the most noticeable difference.

Notes from the Growers

The Black Phoenix is a stellar addition to our lineup. The beauty and high of Solfire’s legendary Bahama Mama are blended perfectly with the yield, taste, and perfectly-balanced high of the Brunch. Our team has been working over the past year to really harness the truly impressive traits we found in our prized Bahama Mama 4 cut, and this is the only project that met our standards. 


About 2 weeks into flower you’ll start to see the magentas and purples develop in the forming buds (and leaves and stems). This show never really ends. The buds keep stacking, the plant gets enveloped in a royal purple crystalline robe, and you wait in agony until you can rise from Black Phoenix’s ash.