Genetics: The Brunch (Lover’s Cut) x Dirty Mimosa
Genetics: The Brunch (Lover’s Cut) x Dirty Mimosa
Filial Generation: Rbx2
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Cannabis Type: Feminized Photoperiod
Indica/Sativa: Sativa hybrid
Yield: High
Phenotypic Variation: Moderate
Terpene Profile
Absolutely repulsive. Caryophyllene and limonene are the top terpenes, but the combination of other terpenes in smaller concentrations absolutely overrun what should be a straightforward smell. It is disgusting, rotten, offensive, and completely addictive.
Great daytime smoke. Sneakily strong.
Plant Morphology

Bad Apple has good internodal spacing and has only a moderate stretch in flower. Not a leafy plant, she gets good airflow without defoliation. Expect Bad Apple to flower for around 60 days. Purpling of the leaves and buds in most phenos. High trichome and resin production. Staking suggested later in flower.

Notes from the Growers

Bad Apple is an exciting mix of fruit and sh!t, blending in perfectly with the fertile farmlands around us here in Maine.

When the terps showed up during our pheno hunts, we were all shocked and delighted. Sure, we’ve created many fruity crosses based off of our Brunch and Dirty Mimosa, but paired together something truly special and dissonant happened.

You’ll smell the plant – Yum! You’ll smell it again – Yuck! Smell it again – WTF?! That baby poo smell masked by an apple perfume. Be careful not to get your nose too sticky trying to put your finger on it.