Terms and Conditions

Legal Disclaimer: Patients and Caregivers who are residents of states with reciprocity may purchase from a registered dispensary or caregiver medical cannabis and/or cannabis products while visiting Maine, subject to the limitations imposed by the laws and rules of the State of Maine and the laws and rules of their state of residence. Maine Clone Company complies with the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Maine and MMMP. You must be a medical card holder (patient or caregiver) to work with us. Maine Clone Company and Dirty Bird Genetics assumes no liability for what you chose to do with your plants and/or seeds after purchase. Please follow your federal, state and local laws.

If you are neither a caregiver or medical patient, seeds can be purchased from our verified vendors here, as the seeds themselves do not contain THC. 

By purchasing from Dirty Bird Genetics online you agree to the privacy policy, refund and return policy, and legal disclaimer as listed on this website; and agree to assert no legal action toward Maine Clone Company or Dirty Bird Genetics at any time regarding any purchase.