Unicorn Glue

Breeder: Dirty Bird Genetics

Genetics: Tacky Glue x Unicorn Poop f1

Sex: Feminized Photoperiod

Cannabis Type: Indica-dom

Flowering Time: 60 days

Outdoor: unknown

Yield: Medium

Plant Morphology: This lady has long internodal spacing and super sugary golf ball shaped nugs. She is moderately stretchy (especially for an indica), and her beautiful magenta and purple foliage allows for plenty of airflow and light penetration into the lower and middle plant. 

Density: medium-high

Height: medium-tall

Terpenes: The tacky glue gives the earthy gas of the Unicorn Poop a smooth fruit candy undertone. 

Effect: An excellent night cap.


The Tacky Glue x Unicorn Poop came together in this cross to create a beautiful magenta and purple plant with frost for days. She had excellent bag appeal. The coloration was evident in all phenos/plants tested, as was the thick trichome coverage and the overall plant morphology. These plants are some of the stretchiest indicas we have grown. They don’t stretch to the ceilings like some plants can, but they did exhibit vigorous growth and long internodal spacing, growing up more than they grew out. The smoke on this flower put us right to sleep. It had a great sedative effect and we found it very relaxing.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Indica Hybrid

Flowering Time (Indoor)

8 – 9 weeks


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