Genetics: Bahama Mama x Unicorn Poop F1


Genetics: Bahama Mama x Unicorn Poop F1

Cannabis Type: Hybrid

Filial Generation: F1

Flowering time: 60-65 days

Yield: Average/high

Phenotypic Variation: Moderate

Density: Average/High

Height: Med-Tall

Terpene Profile
Earthy, fruity, floral, stinky and funky.

Great daytime or evening smoke. Mentally and physically relaxing.

Plant Morphology

Dark Soul is a big stretcher in flower.  Most phenos will have nice golf ball shaped neon purple buds ranging from maroon to deep purple, and covered in tons of frost. Branches can hold themselves up into late flower with little staking.

Notes from the Growers

The mega-gorgeous Dark Soul is a regular male/female F1 cross of Solfire’s sativa-dominant Bahama Mama and Thug Pug’s indica-hybrid, Unicorn Poop. Like many F1 hybrids, the genetics are vigorous and strong. The show-stopping neon purple of the Bahama Mama really came through on this cross, peppered with some of the Unicorn Poops vibrant and deep maroon coloring. Our Unicorn Poop and Bahama Mama parents both produce golf-ball type flowers with long internodal spacing, both of which passed on to their Dark Soul progeny. It’s hard to find more bag appeal than this, folks. The one thing to look out for on these ladies is hermaphroditism. While we did not observe this in our initial testing, we have found that the Bahama Mama is prone to it, and that is the sole reason this strain is still in the tester phase. We hope you enjoy these ladies as much as we do!