Heart-Shaped Lunchbox

Breeder: Dirty Bird Genetics

Genetics: Chocolate Pie x The Brunch “Lover’s Cut”

Cannabis Type: Sativa hybrid

Flowering Time: 55-60 days

Yield: Average

Cannabinoids of Note: 1+% CBG

Plant Morphology: Heart-Shaped Lunchbox is a moderate stretcher. Multiple toppings encourages to maximize yield and combat height. Strong lateral and apical branching. Expect frosty, elongated-golfball nuggets with huge swollen calyxes, beautiful flecks of purple, and a sunset fade.

Density: Average

Terpenes: A complex and BANGING, creamy, fruit smell ranging from grape, apple, cotton candy/bubblegum, to rhubarb. Caryophyllene and limonene are the dominant terpenes, followed by humulene and pinene.

Effects: A instant-hitting, silly, and mellow effect that’s a perfect movie-date or couch co-op companion when your friends fail you.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time (Indoor)

8 – 9 weeks


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